The Report: News & Talk Radio

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Værktøjer Nyheder
Forfatter: Smartest Apps LLC

Free for a limited time only!

Use our app to view the breaking news headlines in the fastest way possible while listening the latest radio shows and pod casts. This is possible through our minimalistic, efficient method of displaying The Report. This app cuts the fat out for you while displaying pictures and headlines from the latest news as well as recent news that the mainstream media might not be reporting on.

- Loads fast.
- Radio shows and podcasts play on-demand.
- Audio is capable of playing in the background.
- No ads embedded in the website.
- No random links.
- Email the links to your friends.
- Bookmark links for future reference.
- Save the text from news articles for offline reading.
- Rotate the site to any orientation.
- Lock the orientation to prevent rotation.
- A button that returns you to the top of the page.
- Hide the navigation bars for full screen viewing.

If you want just news headlines and images, plain and simple, then this is the app for you.

This app is completely optimized for your iPhone or Touch with three goals in mind:

1) The Report must load within a second or two.

2) We kept this apps interface simple to readers. Special reports are colored in red. The main headlines are always on the top.

3) We included a built-in web browser. It can do things such as viewing bookmarks without an internet connection and remove elements on the website from advertisers.

We are always open to suggestions on making this app even better. Feel free to email us at our website.